A set of tools especially built for
Adobe Experience Manager.

Ignite your next AEM project with our Jetpack tool suite.

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Jetpack makes your processes in AEM simpler and more user-friendly for both authors and developers. After years of implementing large projects using Adobe Experience Manager for our multinational client-base,
we decided to build the tools we wish we had in all of our previous projects to make our lives so much easier. And, since we don't want to keep these all to ourselves, our tools are completely open source and are ready to be used in your next AEM project.

What's new

2019/09/01 - Patch System supports ACS On-Deploy Script Execution

The Patch System supports now ACS AEM On-Deploy Script Execution
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2019/08/29 - Added support for ChildResources in Carve

ChildResources are also supported, which will create a sub-node.
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2019/07/09 - Patch System supports ACS On-Deploy Scripts

The Patch System supports now Groovy Scripts and ACS AEM On-Deploy Scripts. On-Deploy Scripts statuses are visible, but these scripts cannot be triggered (yet) compared to Groovy Scripts.
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2019/07/04 - Carve is available on Maven Central

Carve can be included by just adding a dependency to your maven pom.xml
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Jetpack features

Process optimisation

Using our Jetpack tools, you can save a lot of time when developing in AEM. These tools automate some of the typical process that allow us to work more easily with AEM and we wanted to share them with you.

More insights

Enjoy our user-friendly and clear dashboards. Your authors and developers will finally have the insights they need to optimise your AEM environment.