Dictionary Activation

When dictionaries are managed by authors, and not in the code base, they need to be published. Until now, there is no good publish tool available in AEM to publish these in an efficient way. This tool uses package replication to replicate the dictionaries.

Biggest advantages

  • Don't block the publish queue for hours when publishing large dictionaries
  • Check which dictionary contains new translations and requires a publish
  • Publishes 20x faster than using tree activation

Ready to try this out?

  1. Install the repository in your AEM environment or download the zip file.
  2. Go to http://localhost:4502/jetpack/dictionaries.html

Want to learn more on how this works?


  1. Open the dictionary tool: http://localhost:4502/jetpack/dictionaries.html
  2. Check the 'New Translations' column. This identifies how many new keys were added. Indicating an activation is required.
  3. Check the 'Published' column. This identifies how long ago the dictionary was published.


  1. Select 1 or multiple dictionaries
  2. Hit the 'publish' button
  3. A package will be created for the selected dictionaries and these packages will be activated.

Note: It will publish a full dictionary and not separate keys.